The Magefire Cannon

The Magefire Cannon was a powerful magic artifact created by the genius gnome inventor, Hedzig Bunkle. It was built during the old kingdom, long before the coming of Morgash. The cannon worked by using a spellcasters own magical reserves as fuel, transforming it into a devastating blast of raw magical energies.

The cannon was fired only once, with Hedzig powering the device. The resulting blast was much larger than he predicted. The test area was entirely obliterated, leaving a smoldering wasteland. A nearby family farm was previously considered a safe distance away. While no one was injured, and no buildings were destroyed, crops and livestock in fields nearby were lost.

Firing the cannon also had an effect on Hedzig‘s health. He described the experience as if the cannon wanted more, like he had to consciously fight to keep it from sucking out his life energy as well.

After seeing the amount of pure destruction it was capable, as well as the physical toll it took on him, Hedzig decided the Magefire Cannon should never have been built. The enchantments used in its creation were too powerful to outright destroy the device, so it was dismantled into 4 main component parts, which were all hidden across the kingdom. He took the blueprints to his grave, a few years later.

Much of this knowledge was lost during the dark times of Morgash’s occupation of the land. It was rediscovered when a team of adventurers, under direction of Lord Goldfire, successfully infiltrated Hedzig’s Tomb and recovered the blueprints in order to prevent a new threat from trying to rebuild the weapon.

The Magefire Cannon

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