The Five Countries

The kingdom of old was rejoined as five seperate allied nations after the defeat of Morgash. Each member of the party was given lordship over a country, to be run as they see fit.

The human paladin of Heironeous, Goldfire was given the land in the southeast, which he named Amana, with its capitol Atlium.

His twin sister, the fighter/wizard Gracehana, claims the land north of her brothers, named Marseta, with its capitol Espium.

Dwarven cleric of Moradin, Brannen, took control of the land to the southwest, naming it Activor after his grandfather who was killed in the dragons initial assault. Its capitol is Dragonspire, Morgash‘s old lair.

The elf sorceress Elia rules the land the northwest, known as Escus, from its capitol Engon.

Graves was the party’s rogue/ranger. He watches over the somewhat lawless land in the north known as Ursana. He bases his form of government in Shadowvale.

The Five Countries

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