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  • Lee, Mikey, and Donn

    Half-elf sailors about the ship, they are also accomplished warriors, each favoring a particular weapon Lee, with his longsword, Mikey with his flail, and Donn with his quarterstaff. They are also the crew's top fishermen.
    These sailors all …

  • Quito, Jasta, and Mack

    Human sailors aboard the ship. What they lack in combat skill, they make up in pure sailing ability.
    These sailors worship Heironeous Alignment: Neutral Good

  • Casey

    Gnome sailor aboard the ship. He is the ship's resident spellcaster, able to cast lower level healing and protective spells to aid the crew. He is also somewhat skilled with a crossbow.
    Casey worships the goddess Ehlonna. Alignment: Neutral Good

  • Ishmael

    [[:raphael | Raphael's]] first mate. Ishmael is a human warrior who has been sailing for his whole life. He is tasked with tending to ship business, both on and offshore, especially when the captain is away. He is a trusted personal friend of [[:raphael | …

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