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  • Hedzig's Tomb

    The final resting place of [[Hedzig Bunkle | Hedzig Bunkle]]. He built the tomb himself in his last years, near the town of Springvale. Not long after his death, a lake mysteriously formed around his crypt, leaving only the tip sticking out from the …

  • Milas

    Milas is the half-elf innkeeper and bartender at the Crooked Spider Inn in [[Springvale | Springvale]]

  • Quartermaster Falhorn

    Falhorn is a member of the [[Knights of White Light]]. His main duty is quartermaster of the main barracks in[[Atlium | Atlium]].

  • Historian Elador

    Elador is a very old human who resides in [[Springvale | Springvale]]. He is one of the few people in the area who were alive to remember the old kingdom and life before the dragon. He is considered to be the resident expert on [[Hedzig's Tomb | Hedzig's …

  • Goldfire

    Paladin of Heironeous, ruler of [[Amana]] in the southeast. Brother to [[:gracehana | Gracehana]]. Leader of the party who defeated [[:morgash | Morgash]]. Goldfire is also head of the [[Knights of White Light | Knights of White Light]], and the only …

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