The Reclaimed Kingdom

The rocky trip home

Not far along the road back to Baytown, the party encountered a basilisk chained to a post beside the road. Rusty and Aramil turned to stone immediately. Raphael and Mala engaged the beast while Ridgerider shielded his eyes as he summoned creatures to fight for him. After dealing some good hits, Raphael succumbed to the stone gaze as well. Mala was able to finish the basilisk off herself. After the battle, her and Ridgerider went through the assorted carts left in the road with stony horses and passengers, looting items of value, then loaded up their statue companions and continued down the road. Later they met up with a pair of water mephits, but were able to easily defeat them. Once back in town, they searched for a cure to their friends condition. They found 1 rare salve and traded goods for it. Hoping Aramil had some magic to cure the others, they revived him first. Unfortunely his dispel magic had no effect. The decided to set sail and restore them upon reaching Atlium. After a day of sailing, they spotted someone swimming way offshore. Upon investigating, they met up once again with Korvic the monk. He was able to channel his divine energies and revive Raphael, who reclaimed leadership of the boat for the rest of the journey. The party stops in Oldbridge, where the crew was eager to visit family, and Aramil found a scroll for Ridgerider to restore Rusty back to flesh.



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